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Brussels, 21 April 2022: Adevinta, OLX Group and Schibsted, three classifieds marketplaces operators, came together to form a coalition, Classifieds Marketplaces Europe (CME). The three companies are founded and headquartered in Europe, and represent well-established local brands in 17 countries across Europe, with locations in 10 European Tech Hubs. 

CME’s mission is to represent our online classifieds sector and communicate to stakeholders in Europe about the role and contribution of classifieds marketplaces to local circular economies, and to work with European Union policymakers to ensure important Policies like the Digital Services Act (DSA) and General Product Safety Regulation (GPSR) take into consideration the many benefits our industry brings to Europe.

Classified marketplaces are leading online platforms for selling and buying second hand goods. Top brands include top-ranked leboncoin in France, Germany’s leading classifieds sites mobile.de, OLX.pl in Poland, Autovit in Romania, FINN in Norway and Blocket in Sweden. The CME also aims to support local commerce, promote economic inclusion, and create thousands of jobs across Europe. By allowing consumers to extend the lives of products, they contribute to the circular economy.

Rolv Erik Ryssdal, CEO of Adevinta, comments: “By offering our users a platform on which to deal directly with each other, we reduce the need for newly produced goods and promote more sustainable consumption. Through online marketplaces, every time an individual chooses to buy a used item instead of something new, they are saving money and making a choice that helps the environment. The CME aims to be the leading voice of the online classifieds sector in Europe and be part of the conversation on how second-hand trade helps Europe’s efforts towards sustainability.”

Romain Voog, CEO of OLX Group: “I am delighted that OLX Group is part of the CME. The classifieds industry has a very positive impact on societies. It accelerates the circular economy, protecting our planet by making it easy to reuse and resell products. It enables millions of individuals and Small and Medium Entrepreneurs to trade goods or houses, provide services or find jobs in their communities. For too long these benefits have gone unrecognised. In today’s world the need for sustainable solutions to human problems is more pressing than ever. I believe the CME will help raise awareness of the classifieds industry, and help amplify the good that it does.”

Kristin Skogen Lund, CEO of Schibsted: “Circular consumption means reusing, repairing, redesigning and recycling, which again means products must last longer, be repairable and upgradeable. Businesses like ours enable and empower consumers to move towards circular consumption, but all good forces must pull in the same direction. Through the CME we aim to work with EU policymakers, and help them support circular consumption by incentivising reuse and repair of products in upcoming policy initiatives.”

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About Classifieds Marketplaces Europe
is a coalition of industry-leading EU-based tech companies operating online classifieds platforms in 17 European countries. Our aim is to empower citizens to strengthen the circular economy and local communities. By combining our resources, we are raising awareness about the specificities of the online classifieds’ sector and its positive contribution to key objectives of the EU digital and green agenda. 

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