Brussels, 28 October 2022: Classifieds Marketplaces Europe this week brought together a varied audience of EU policymakers, civil society, and industry representatives to discuss circular consumption, ESPR and other issues.

Speakers included MEP Arba Kokalari, Rozalina Petrova, Member of the Cabinet of the EU Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Michal Len, Director of RREUSE, Markus Ahlberg, Head of Sustainable Business Development, Schibsted, and Steven Vester, New Product Experimentation Lead, OLX Group.

Participants discussed how the EU can ensure the uptake of more circular consumption patterns and empower consumers towards more sustainable behaviours, as well as how stakeholders can shape the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) to ensure it helps meet the objectives laid out in the Green Deal.

Classified marketplaces are a key contributor to the circular economy. By facilitating second-hand trade, they encourage consumers to make smart use of their goods by giving them a new purpose. 

During the event, Markus Ahlberg highlighted that consumption today equals the resources of 1.75 planets and that Schibsted users already enable potential CO2 savings of 1.2 million tonnes. There is great potential for more impact. In his intervention, Steven Vester used the example of smart phones. While contributing to approximately 10% of global e-waste, almost nobody (~5% of people) buys second hand smartphones. Research conducted by OLX in Poland shows that 25% of people would consider buying a used phone if they could be more certain about its condition.

Carolin Wehrhahn, Director EU Public Affairs Adevinta and Chair of the CME said: “As the CME coalition, we want to bridge the gap between online classifieds marketplaces and policymakers to support shaping the green policies of tomorrow by providing the perspective of our sector, including its contribution to circular consumption and european economic growth in local communities.

“We also see that at times, many obligations for online marketplaces do not always reflect the specificity of second-hand trade, which in turn could have a reverse impact on the Commission’s overall objective of promoting the circular economy. If we want to help consumers and businesses trade second-hand products and goods, we need to ensure that the specificities of second-hand marketplaces are taken into account when designing new legislation.”

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Classifieds Marketplaces Europe
Classifieds Marketplaces Europe is a coalition of industry-leading EU-based tech companies operating online classifieds platforms in 21 European countries. Our aim is to empower citizens to strengthen the circular economy and local communities. By combining our resources, we are raising awareness about the specificities of the online classifieds’ sector and its positive contribution to key objectives of the EU digital and green agenda. 

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Last modified: 29 March 2023